Greystar's Portland Property Prevents Thousands In Damage

Client: Melanie Roberts, Reginal Manager At Greystar

Melanie Roberts is a dynamic professional with a distinctively proactive approach to property management. As the Regional Manager at Greystar, one of the world's largest and most respected real estate companies, she oversees numerous properties. Melanie brings over 30 years of expertise with several top NMHC multifamily owners and managers.

In her role at Greystar, Melanie encountered a formidable challenge. One of the high-rise assets under her management had incurred large amounts of water losses within 14 months. This was a significant setback that was detrimental to both the operational efficiency of the building and the financial health of the property.

Undetected water leaks were the culprits behind these losses. These stealthy leaks are a silent disaster in the making for any building, as they can cause damage over time without being visible until it's too late. Furthermore, the traditional leak detection methods weren't enough to tackle this issue, prompting Melanie to seek a more innovative solution.

Solution: Kairos Water Leak Detection System

Enter Kairos Water. Our water leak detection system was designed specifically to address challenges like the one Melanie was facing. This complete building system promised a solution that could potentially pay for itself within six months.

Melanie was immediately intrigued by the potential benefits of our system and decided to give it a try. And the results? They were immediate and undeniable. The installation process was effortless, causing minimal disruption to the day-to-day operations of the building.

Most importantly, the Kairos Water leak detection system worked as promised. Within the first 24 hours of operation, our system detected two previously undetected leaks, saving thousands in potential losses. These early results were a compelling validation of the power of our technology.

But our partnership with Melanie and Greystar didn't stop at simply providing a product. At Kairos Water, we believe that an essential part of our solution lies in the support we offer our customers. From the beginning, our team has been informative, supportive, and responsive, providing Melanie with all the assistance she needed. Her appreciation for our customer-centric approach is evident in her testimonial: “The team at Kairos have been informative, supportive, and responsive - we couldn’t have asked for better partners on this project as we look to all but eliminate water losses at this asset!”


Melanie's story is a testament to the transformative power of innovative solutions and diligent customer service. At Kairos Water, we're proud to have played a role in helping Greystar efficiently manage their water resources and reduce losses. We remain committed to creating products that empower property managers like Melanie to detect and prevent water leaks, saving money, resources, and peace of mind.

Our journey with Greystar is just one of the many success stories we have been a part of, and it fuels our motivation to continue innovating and delivering solutions that truly make a difference. With our customers at the heart of everything we do, we look forward to writing more such success stories in the future.

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