LoRa Water Leak Sensor for Smart Buildings

IoT technology is driving new opportunities in the world of property management. SMART leak detectors, gateways, and sensors from LoRa Technologies are at the heart of these new innovations.

LoRaWAN and LoRa Wireless Leak Sensors

As part of smart water infrastructure, wireless water sensor solutions address issues many properties face such as water shortages, flooding, budget constraints, and environmental regulations. LoRa devices empower IoT companies by providing not only the water sensors but the gateway devices that create these vital communications to asset managers.

A New Standard For IoT Sensors

With the ongoing evolution of digital transformation across various industries, IoT is beginning to stand out as one of the largest contributing factors. In the world of property management, this use of IoT applications is most relevant for its ability to create a hugely positive impact on systems that end up being a financial driver. Through the deployment of smart leak detectors and the use of IoT gateways, a new standard is becoming readily available to all properties.

Intelligent Water Level Monitoring And Property Management

Through the application of these technologies, property and asset managers are able to drive new levels of value through increased NOI due to the protection smart water systems provide. Traditionally, incidents related to leaks and water damage have been a huge threat to the NOI of properties. Now with LoRa leak sensors at the heart of these systems, managers can become aware of the threat far before the incidents can devastate a property's value.

Kairos IoT Use Case

Kairos’s Multifunction Leak Sensor, Gateway and sub meters are good examples of this application for multifamily property managers to increase property NOI. Using the LoRa US915 Class A Mode, their IOT based water detection system can help property managers increase their  NOI by Using ESG & SMART ESG systems are enhancing value from capital events. Learn more about the Kairos ecosystem at the link below. 

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