Operating with Efficiency: The Benefits of Smart Building Water Metering

Smart building water metering with LoRaWAN is an innovative technology that is changing how commercial buildings manage water usage and prevent water damage. As commercial-grade water control systems demand rises, smart sensors and meters become essential to smart building technology.


Most sensors and meters available today are not engineered for commercial use, which leaves commercial buildings vulnerable to water damage and utility waste. Water damage costs U.S. insurance companies and property owners 14 billion dollars annually, and leaks often go undetected for days or weeks before being discovered. Most commercial properties do not have adequate technology to tackle the tricky ways water threatens the stability of life for owners and occupants.


Kairos has developed a patented water technology system to address the issue of water damage and utility waste from virtually any source. The system is designed using advanced wireless sensors in smart Moses Water Meters that feature an automatic shutoff valve.



Advanced Water Meter


The Value of Smart Metering with LoRaWAN

Smart building water metering with LoRaWAN offers significant benefits, including the potential to save billions of dollars through preventative leak management. By detecting leaks and other issues in real-time, building management teams can address these problems before they become significant. This can help prevent significant water damage, saving building owners and insurance companies millions of dollars.


In addition, smart building water metering can help reduce utility operating expenses. By monitoring water usage and detecting leaks, building management teams can identify areas where water is being wasted and take steps to address these issues. This can lead to significant cost savings over time, increasing the ROI of a LoRaWAN network.

Operating With Efficiency 

The benefits of smart building water metering are not just financial. By providing building owners and managers with real-time insight and control, the platform can help ensure the safety and security of building occupants. Water damage can lead to significant health hazards, including mold growth and other issues. By preventing water damage before it occurs, building management teams can help protect the health and well-being of everyone in the building.

In conclusion, smart building water metering with LoRaWAN is an essential technology for commercial buildings. The potential to save millions of dollars in asset value through preventative leak management and reduce utility operating expenses is significant. By powering your asset with smart metering systems, building management teams can finally access and react to the information they need to maintain a secure and efficient building.

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