Kairos Joins The Lora Alliance

Kairos IoT Water Controls announces it has joined the LoRa Alliance® as a Start-up Adopter and enthusiastically supports the Alliance’s mission. LoRaWAN has been a key technology in Kairos products achieving 7-10 years of battery-powered wireless communication across large commercial properties. Their Noah™ Multi-function Leak Sensor has recently received LoRaWAN certification.


The LoRa Alliance

The LoRa Alliance develops and promotes LoRaWAN technology to enable sustainable IoT, maximize efficiency, improve quality of life and protect the planet’s resources. The LoRaWAN ecosystem is creating specifications to help standardize Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs). This organization is committed to enabling large scale deployments of LPWANs through the development and promotion of the LoRaWAN open standard and has created LoRaWAN certification and compliance programs to ensure interoperability across its ecosystem of service providers and vendors.

LoRa Alliance® and LoRaWAN® are registered trademarks used under license from the LoRa Alliance.

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