Innovative Water Loss Control Solutions for High-Rise Residential Properties

At Kairos Water, we understand that water damage can occur in many ways. It could be a cracked supply connection to a toilet, a worn-out flange on an old steam radiator, or water used to extinguish a fire in one apartment cascading into the unit below. Regardless of the cause, non-weather-related leaks, spills, and floods are unfortunate reality that is becoming increasingly common.

Residential properties, particularly high-rise ones, are highly susceptible to non-weather-related water losses due to their proximity to neighboring units. Unlike freestanding homes, where installing an in-line automatic shutoff device is feasible, high-rise properties branch off the same riser pipe in a building. This makes installing such a system impractical, as cutting off the water flow to one property could eliminate the flow to an entire floor. So, what can be done about potential water intrusion in an individual unit?

The solution lies in installing Point of Leak Detectors (POLDs). These compact sensors effectively prevent major water losses in a high-rise home. The mechanism is straightforward: water leaks from a pipe or supply connection. It comes into contact with the sensors, the sensor's probes register the leak, and an alarm signal is transmitted to the phone of the resident or building superintendent. This allows the individual to identify the source of the leak based on which sensor was activated and take steps to mitigate potential water damage. These systems come in various options that can be tailored to each unit.

However, the success of these systems hinges on correct sensor placement. They should be positioned in locations that are prone to water intrusion, including, but not limited to:

  • Kitchen: under the dishwasher, sink, and refrigerator(s)

  • Bathrooms: by each toilet and under each sink

  • Heating/cooling units: one by each through wall unit and/or steam radiators

  • Terrace doors (sensor ropes are available to cover the length of the threshold)

The needs of each home vary according to the layout and interior finishes. We recommend consulting a company specializing in water security options, like Kairos Water, to analyze the needs of each property and properly install the most effective system.

For more information on installing and operating POLD systems or discussing the benefits of installing such systems in high-rise residences, feel free to contact us at Kairos Water. We're here to help you secure your property against water damage.

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